Historical Forex Charts

Historical Forex Charts

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I have included historical forex charts for all the major pairs. Some going back to the 1970s.

Historical Forex Data Download

You can download any of the charts by right clicking on them and selecting “save image”.

These forex historical charts give a good indication of the long term ranges of currency pairs. Some pairs have been in a long term range, whilst others have made highs or lows many years ago and have never been back there since. For example, GBP/USD was above 2.40 around 1980 and has not been back anywhere near there since. However, the pair did make a high around 2.11 in 2007.

EUR/USD Historical Chart

eurusd historical chart

As we can see in this EUR/USD historical chart, this pair has been on a long up trend since 2000. It has made many all time highs along the way.

The all time low for this pair is 0.8227 made October 2007.

The current all time high is 1.43, however if the current up trend does continue it may be broken in the future.

GBP/USD historical chart

gbpusd historical chart

If we take a look at this chart we can see from 1980 to early 1985, GBP/USD was in a strong downward trend. Then for the next few years the pair trended upwards sharply. During the early 1990’s the pair hit the psychological $2 area then both times there was a very big correction. The pair was largely range bound for the rest of the 1990’s and began an up trend in 2002, We are still currently on this long up trend.

The all time high for the pair was in November 1980 at 2.4540.

The all time low for the pair was in February 1985 at 1.0463.

USD/JPY Historical Forex Chart

historical usd/jpy chart

As we can see USD/JPY has fallen a lot from the late 70’s and early 80s.

The all time high for the pair is 278.31 in November 1981.

The all time low for the pair is 79.75 April 1995.

USD/CHF Historical Forex Chart


usdchf historical chart

The US Dollar currently stands much weaker against the Swiss Franc today than in the early 1980’s.

The all time high for the pair is 2.9145 in March 1985.

The all time low for the pair is 1.11 in March 1995.

GBP/JPY Historical Forex Chart

gbp/jpy historical chart

As you can see from this chart, GBP/JPY is perhaps one of the best long term trending pairs. From 1980 all the way through to 1993 we had a very steep downward trend.

The all time high for this pair was 572.05 in February 1980.

The all time low was 129.32 in April 1995.

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