Learn forex with our forex tutorial and trading strategies

Hello fellow forex trader!

Are you looking to learn forex trading? You have come to the right place! Did you know that over 95% of traders lose money? And did you know that most new traders end up blowing up their account and giving up within 3 months?

These numbers are not good, are they? My goal in creating forexpm.com is to help you avoid being just another statistic!

These figures may make you think trading forex is difficult. For most people this is not really true. With the right forex education, trading strategy and trading discipline, almost anybody can be a successful trader. For education be sure to check out our forex tutorial.

Even if you have one of the best forex trading strategies in the world, you will never be a successful trader until you can become a disciplined trader.

Are you feeling a little bit lost in the world of forex trading? Check out our tutorial section There are many unique tutorial pages to help you learn to trade forex and become a winning trader.

I also look at different forex strategies and suggest only the best ones.

I remember when I started to learn forex trading, all I wanted to do was signup for a live account with a forex broker and begin trading, using high leverage.

Of course, when I started trading i'd had no training or education and I had no idea what I was doing. Consequently, I lost money.

Learning to trade the forex market takes time, dedication and a lot of patience.

You are very unlikely to be successful right away. My advice to you as a trader whose been trading for five years. Take your time, don't be in a hurry to trade. Learn to understand what makes the forex move the way it does. Learn about technical analysis and fundamental analysis. Spend time making your own forex strategy.

Do your research and find yourself a good solid forex broker. Lot's of forex brokers are just out to take your money off you.

Most forex brokers offer demo accounts. You can practice your forex trading strategies on a demo account before you trade live. If a strategy doesn't work on a demo account, it will not work on a live account, so you can save your money!